Electric Rice Cooker – 6L – 1950W

SKU: 402289


Des:     6L – 1950W

PS:        485×420×400mm

MOQ:   1


1. The shell and cover are made of high-quality stainless steel, fashionable and high-grade, with stronger anti-rust performance.
2. The inner pot is made of high quality aluminum alloy material with a thickness of 2.0mm and is not easy to deform. The surface of the inner pan has a water-based non-stick coating in line with food hygiene standards, and the anti-stick effect is better.
3. According to the use of the environment, improve the product structure, add double high temperature protection device, product performance is more stable.
4. The micro-pressure design is used for cooking rice, the nutrients of rice are not easy to lose, and the rice fragrance is elastic.
5. After the rice is cooked, it automatically enters the heat preservation function to ensure that the temperature of the rice is between 65-75 ° C.