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Procurement Service

How Does it Work?

  1. Service Fee received by Kitchen Knock
  2. Kitchen Knock Seeking Products & Quoting
  3. Customer Accept Order & Pay 70% Deposit
  4. Kitchen Knock Place Order and Ship it to Sydney
  5. Ship it to Customer Within 6 – 10 Weeks
  6. Customer Pays the Rest 30% Before Goods been Shipped Out
  • No after-sales service for all Electrical Products(Only Components come with the Original Order). Kitchen Knock will take the responsibility for helping customers to order components from the factory.
  • We highly recommend that customers purchase the electric products locally due to  after-sales service and other concerns

1. Service Fees

Under Five Category: $50

More Than Five Category: $100

  • Kitchen Knock will provide at least two options for customers to choose from,
  • Kitchen Knock will respond to customer in 72 Hours with the specific product parameters, which include Images, Price List, Product Size, and Delivery Time.


– Standard Price: 5% of the Sales Price

– This is an optional choice

– Kitchen Knock is responsible for paying claims for losses due to a ship or carrier being lost.

– Restocking time will be around 4 – 8 weeks

3.Stocking Fees

– After two weeks, $10 stocking fees will apply to your order, it will be accumulated for each cube.


– Freight includes Freight from the Factory to Kitchen Knock Warehouse in China, Clearance Fees, Freight from China to Sydney, and Freight From Sydney Port to Kitchen Knock

– Shared Invoice will apply to each other


10% GST (Australian Standard)

What does an Austrian Customer struggle with when purchasing from China?

1.High Cost

  • Spend a lot of time finding a reliable factory
  • High travelling expense

2.Language Barrier

  • Language barrier when negotiating with the supplier
  • Avoid business fraud

3. Lack of Understanding of Christmas market Rules

  • Hard to finds the right commercial kitchenware supplier

4.Discussion Faults

  • Lack of experience in dealing with suppliers in China
  • Hard to find better quality products at lower prices

5.Price Advantages

  • Compared to new customers, our price is more competitive

6.Receive Goods that are Different From the Confirmed Sample

  • After the full price has been paid, the Customer receives the goods that are different from the sample confirmed before, which is difficult to trace responsibility.

7.Damage During Freight

  • Fragile are easy to damage during transportation

Why choose Kitchen Knock?

1.Time Saving

  • Kitchen Knock will do everything for customers

2.Finder the Right Products at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Reasonable service fees
  • Served by a professional team with a group of 30 members (China Departments)
  • Selling approximately 10,000 products in China, including all commercial kitchenware products

3.Reasonable Price

  • Transparent profit
  • Competitive Price

4.Guarantee of Goods

  • Any issue during transport from China to Sydney will go to Kitchen Knock